Partner Spotlight: MSI Ethiopia

10 Sep

Founded in 1976, Marie Stopes International (MSI)’s Global Partnership spans over 40 countries and is one of the largest sexual and reproductive health providers in the world. For the past 20 years, MSI Ethiopia (MSIE) has been engaged in the provision of family planning and sexual and reproductive health services through clinics, mobile outreach teams, and in collaboration with a group of private health service providers supported through their new social franchising program, BlueStar.


MSIE created the BlueStar social franchise network by teaming up with existing private healthcare providers in order to scale up access to high quality care for some of the world’s poorest and most under-served people. BlueStar works in much the same way as a commercial franchising operation: franchisees (i.e. clinics, midwives and pharmacies) pay a small fee to join the network and they then receive extensive and ongoing training in a range of sexual and reproductive health services designed to put their clients’ needs at the heart of their services.

Credit: Marie Stopes InternationalAs part of the franchise agreement and in order to ensure that they are meeting international standards, MSIE must closely monitor the quality of their services. Before DataWinners, MSIE faced major monitoring and evaluating challenges as their initiative required the submission of multiple paper spreadsheet reports that had to then be manually aggregated, a process which was both tedious and at risk for human error. Even after completing the manual data compilation process, MSIE discovered it was difficult to sift through the data to analyze it on an individual facility level.

Previously, MSI Ethiopia had used DataWinners to collect employee survey and promotional activity data. After successfully completing these smaller projects, MSIE kept their eyes open for more opportunities to use the DataWinners data collection service to support programmatic decision-making for the organization. Faced with the challenge of compiling hundreds of monthly service reports, MSIE decided to make use of DataWinners once again as a means of obtaining accurate, timely, and reliable data from their wide network of BlueStar providers.

MSl Ethiopia has just completed a three-month pilot implementation to assess the feasibility of using DataWinners to collect the monthly service provision data. As a result, MSIE has already imported 500+ Blue Star facilities and 900+ data senders into their system and conducted orientations with the providers to get ready to begin data collection. Based on their past experience with DataWinners, MSIE looks forward to improved availability and reliability of data, improved timeliness in report submissions, and improved data analysis both on an individual and nationwide scale. From the whole team here at DataWinners, we wish MSIE the best of luck for continued success and happy data collection!



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